May 16 Horoscope

  1. About

    Taurus born on May 16th is identified as a talented, optimistic and caring person as a result of being influenced by Venus as the ruling star. They are also bestowed with reliable and fascinating, charismatic nature. However, they are not very friendly. This is because they do not want to enlarge their friend circle and kind of selective when making friends. Therefore, they can create a cold image in the eyes of other people. However, in the long run, people around them will understand and respect their nature. 

  2. Personal relationships

    These individuals fall in love a lot and quite experienced in love. They set high standard and high expectation on their mate. Once their mate can not meet their expectation, they can easily become disappointed and cause conflicts. These people are also hesitant to stick on a long lasting relationship due to their unwillingness to give up their freedom of being single. 

  3. Career and finances

    People born on this day are really well off and likely to lead a very comfortable life. They become successful in field they work on. They are good at generating money and also good at handling it. However, they can meet with many problems in finding appropriate jobs when they are young.

  4. Lucky numbers

    Number 6 : Sixes represent harmony, forgiveness, love and truth.

    Number 8 :  It stands for success, wealth and determination

    Number 9 : It represents accomplishment, success and inventiveness

  5. Lucky colors

    Pink : It stands for love and beauty

    Blue symbolizes: youth, spirituality, truth, peace

    Maroon: It is the color of courage, strength and healing

    Lilac : It represents love, knowledge and peace