April 21 Horoscope

  1. About

    If your birthday is April 21, you must be a reliable, patient and spirited individual with a sharp mind and friendly temperament. Under the influenced of Jupiter planet, you are defined by a kind giving nature and a great understanding of the world. Born and brought up in a happy family setting, you have a strong desire for loving and being loved. Your abundance of energy earns you many friends and admirers, but your personal esteem of high level often prevents you from receiving any help from others.


  2. Personal relationships

    As a Taurus born on April 21, you are typically loyal, warm hearted and tend to appreciate the value of comfort and pleasure in daily life. Though you are passionate and outgoing, your emotions could easily go up and down in romantic relationships. You strongly crave for an intimate partner but it is difficult to touch your deep inner feelings. In a long-term relationship you are often highly protective and this could sometimes manifest as intense possessiveness or jealousy. A good match would be someone able to easily identify and sympathize with this emotional insecurity.

  3. Career and finances

    To a person born on April 21, their career direction is usually firmed from a young age. The success in work might come to you quite easily and naturally because you are ambitious, hardworking, sharp and seriously responsible. Whichever type of occupation you choose, it would ideally match your intelligence and satisfy your independence. In finance matters, surprisingly, you seem to be better at managing other people’s money than your own. You are sometimes a bit too generous in spending, so more caution with cash is necessary advice for you.

  4. Lucky numbers

    3, 7

  5. Lucky colors

    Pink, Lavender