April 16 Horoscope

  1. About

    Born on April 16, optimism and generosity are your nature. You love to help and bring joy to others, which explain the reason for your widespread social network. With a vivid imagination and great self-confidence, you seem to be destined for success. Your biggest weakness is that you might easily become moody if your effort is not recognized or someone criticizes you. Perfection sometimes put a hard burden on your shoulder. 


  2. Personal relationships

    People born specifically on April 16 tend to be emotional, loyal and romantic. You are not interested in taking the lead like most other rams, but you are in demand of being loved. Although it is quite difficult to get emotionally closer to you, you always crave for a faithful companion, who could play excellently two roles – caring as lover and sympathetic as friend. Besides mutual understanding, your perfect match must possess some of the qualities you are lacking in yourself. 


  3. Career and finances

    To an Aries born on April 16, choosing a suitable job to settle down is a difficult decision because your creative and imagination give you many career paths to explore. However, you would be best satisfied with a job in which you could create great values and provide assistance for community. Although you seem to be unconcerned with your payment in work, you are quite good at managing your finance. You often like to save money in case of unexpected expenditure in the future. 


  4. Lucky numbers

    7, 2



  5. Lucky colors

    Scarlet, green