Yasujiro Ozu - Bio, Family, Facts, Age: 60 | Hot Birthdays
BirthdayDecember 12, 1903
Birthplace Tokyo,Japan
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  1. About

    Beginning his career during the era of silent films, Japanese film director Yasujirō Ozu was famous for owning 53 silent films, nearly half of which was made in his five years as a director. He caught attentions by daily life themes about marriage and family, especially the relationships between the generations, in his works, notably Early Summer (1951), Tokyo Story (1953), and Floating Weeds (1959). For his great contribution, he was considered as one of the most influential directors in the world. 


  2. Before fame

    The film Civilization (1917) became inspiration for him to pursue filmmaking career. Thanks to his uncle, he was employed as an assistant in the cinematography department of the Shochiku Film Company in 1923. After a year serving in military, he became a third assistant director in 1926. As a director, he had his first film, Sword of Penitence, in the next year. 

  3. Personal life

    He had two siblings, Toku Ozu and Shinichi Ozu. 

Film Director Yasujiro Ozu born on 12 12 1903 in . Until now, Yasujiro Ozu's age is 60 year old and have Sagittarius constellation. Count down 362 days will come next birthday of Yasujiro Ozu !