BirthdayOctober 29, 1971
Album5 Pictures
  1. About

    Talented actress who has been working since she was a child, appearing in Heathers, Beetlejuice, Reality Bites, and Black Swan. She earned a Golden Globe Award nomination for her performance in Mermaids and appeared in Edward Scissorhands.
    She won the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress in The Age of Innocence and portrayed Amanda Grayson in the 2009 film Star Trek.
    Her big break was in the successful film, Bettlejuice, directed by Tim Burton.

  2. Before fame

    She got her first significant role at the age of fourteen in Lucas.

  3. Related to

    She was engaged to Johnny Depp for three years before breaking up with him in 1993.

  4. The meaning of the name Ryder: Knight, Mounted Warrior
Movie actress Winona Ryder born on 29 10 1971 in . Until now, Winona Ryder's age is 46 year old and have Scorpio constellation. Count down 5 days will come next birthday of Winona Ryder !