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BirthdayMay 31, 1819
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  1. About

    Major American poet who is remembered for Leaves of Grass, Drum-Taps, and other masterpieces of free verse. His 1865 poem, "O Captain! My Captain!", was written on the occasion of the death of Abraham Lincoln.
    His humanist works bridged the gap between the transcendentalist and realist movements.
    His vagabond lifestyle and exquisite free-verse poems inspired the life and works of Allen Ginsberg.

  2. Before fame

    He dropped out of school at the age of eleven and, to support his family, worked as a law office assistant and a newspaper apprentice.

  3. Related to

    He never married and likely had a homosexual or bisexual orientation, although his biographers disagree on whether or not he actually had relationships with men.

Poet Walt Whitman born on 31 05 1819 in . Until now, Walt Whitman's age is 72 year old and have Gemini constellation. Count down 12 days will come next birthday of Walt Whitman !