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BirthdaySeptember 20, 1878
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  1. About

    Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Jungle, a muckraking work that exposed the unsanitary conditions and torturous treatment of workers in the meat-packing industry. His other literary works include the Lanny Budd and Sylvia novels.
    His 1927 work, Oil!, was adapted into the screenplay for There Will Be Blood. The film starred actors Paul Dano and Daniel Day-Lewis.
    He once worked with silent film star, Charlie Chaplin.

  2. Before fame

    He entered City College of New York shortly before his fourteenth birthday and penned magazine articles to pay for his tuition. He later studied law at Columbia University before working undercover in Chicago's meat-packing industry.

  3. Related to

    He had a son, David, with his first wife, Meta Fuller. He was married two more times: to Mary Craig Kimbrough (for nearly forty years) and to Mary Elizabeth Willis (for less than a decade).

  4. The meaning of the name Sinclair: From St. Clair, France
Novelist Upton Sinclair born on 20 09 1878 in . Until now, Upton Sinclair's age is 90 year old and have Virgo constellation. Count down 363 days will come next birthday of Upton Sinclair !