BirthdayAugust 06, 1931
Birthplace Italy
Album2 Pictures
  1. About

    Director known for his work in various Italian subgenres, including spaghetti westerns, Macarnoi Combat movies, and giallo murder mysteries.
    His 1972 film The Man From Deep River was credited with having started the Italian cannibal film genre.
    His 1988 slasher film Nightmare Beach featured Michael Parks as Doc Willet.

  2. Before fame

    He was born in Massa Marritima and made his directorial debut in 1961 with The Adventure of the Mary Reade.

  3. Related to

    He married writer and costume designer Olga Pehar.

Director Umberto Lenzi born on 06 08 1931 in . Until now, Umberto Lenzi's age is 86 year old and have Leo constellation. Count down 353 days will come next birthday of Umberto Lenzi !