Uldis Germanis - Bio, Family, Facts, Age: 82 | Hot Birthdays
BirthdayOctober 04, 1915
Birthplace Latvia
  1. About

    A twentieth-century historian and writer who specialized in modern Latvian history, he is known for works such as Zili stikli, zaļi ledi (Blue Glass, Green Ice) and The Latvian Saga.
    He was elected to the Latvian Academy of Sciences in 1992.
    He and Alfred Leslie Rowse were both well-known historians.

  2. Before fame

    He taught history at the University of Latvia in Riga and also fought in World War II.

  3. Related to

    The son of Janis Ģermanis, he was raised in Novaya Ladoga, Russian Empire.

Historian Uldis Germanis born on 04 10 1915 in . Until now, Uldis Germanis's age is 82 year old and have Libra constellation. Count down 354 days will come next birthday of Uldis Germanis !