Steven Yeun - Bio, Family, Facts, Age: 34 | Hot Birthdays
BirthdayDecember 21, 1983
Birthplace Seoul,South Korea
Album1 Pictures
  1. About

    Widely known for playing the role of Glenn Rhee in TV series The Walking Dead, Steven Yeun is a talented actor with Korean-American descent. He also appeared in various films, including The Big Bang Theory, My Name is Jerry and became model for Milky Way, Best Buy, and Apple. Besides, he has played the voice of Wan in television series The Legend of Korra and Crysis video game series.


  2. Before fame

    Born in Seoul, South Korea, he is the son of Je Yeun and June Yeun. He attended Kalamazoo College and majored in Psychology. He showed his passion for acting at his first year at College and began accepting to be a member of acting group Monkapult at the second year. In 2005, he moved to Chicago and worked as a part of comedy group Stir Friday Night. 


  3. Personal life

    No record has been found about his personal relationship.

Actor Steven Yeun born on 21 12 1983 in . Until now, Steven Yeun's age is 34 year old and have Sagittarius constellation. Count down 365 days will come next birthday of Steven Yeun !