Suangsuda Lawanprasert - Bio, Family, Facts, Age: 41 | Hot Birthdays
BirthdayJuly 30, 1977
Birthplace Ban Na,Thailand
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  1. About

    Suangsuda Lawanprasert is a Thai actress. She is famous for the role of Dao in Khang Paed (Butterfly in Grey) in 2002 and G.I. Jenjila in Seua Khaap Daap (The Tiger Blade) in 2005. Suangsuda played in a lot of films and drama and earned wide recognition of the fans. 

  2. Before fame

    Suangsuda Lawanprasert was a Miss Thailand in 1997 before she entered acting career.

  3. Personal life

    Suangsuda Lawanprasert's personal life is not made public.

Actress Suangsuda Lawanprasert born on 30 07 1977 in . Until now, Suangsuda Lawanprasert's age is 41 year old and have Leo constellation. Count down 9 days will come next birthday of Suangsuda Lawanprasert !

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