BirthdayApril 25, 1988
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    Sara Paxton is an American actress and model who is most notable roles have been in the films Aquamarine (2006), Sydney White (2007), Superhero Movie (2008), The last house on the left (2009), The Innkeepers (2011) and famous for playing the title role in Darcy's Wild Life from the early ageShe also became a singer and recorded her first album in 2007 with Epic Records during the time she was cast in Aquamarine.

  3. Before fame

    She began acting at an early age, appearing in many minor roles in both films and television shows, before rising to fame in 2004, after playing the title role in the series Darcy's Wild Life and Sarah Borden in SummerlandShe first appeared on the big screen with a small role in Liar Liar, starring Jim Carrey.

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    In 2005, Paxton spent three months working on the Florida-themed Aquamarine in which she played a mermaid, opposite Emma Roberts and JoJo, whom she befriended while filming.

  5. The meaning of the name Paxton: From Pacc's Town
Movie actress Sara Paxton born on 25 04 1988 in . Until now, Sara Paxton's age is 30 year old and have Taurus constellation. Count down 5 days will come next birthday of Sara Paxton !