BirthdayApril 20, 1980
Birthplace West Java,Indonesia
Album1 Pictures
  1. About

    Rachel Maryam Sayidina is an Indonesian actress and model, a member of the House of Representatives from 2009-2014 as well. With great efforts, she started getting bounced in the world of entertainment while playing a role in the film Eliana, Eliana, which led to a series of successful subsequent roles in films such as Arisan (2003), Promise Joni (2005), and Vina Say Love (2005). Rachel won Best supporting Actress in the Citra Awards for her performance in Arisan 2003.


  2. Before fame

    Rachel Maryam Sayidina was destined to be a talented actress. She attended SMUN 19 Bandung and joined the theater group at school. Rachel Maryam continued her study at Bandung Tourism College before moving to Jarkarta to pursuit her dream as a model. She starred in the music video clip of the group Sephia Sheila on 7 and was a warded Best Model clips MTV, 2001. Rachel also appeared in soap operas such as Lupus Millennia and Strawberry.


  3. Personal life

    Having divorced Mohammed Akbar Pradana in 2010, Rachel Maryam Sayidina was married to a businessman Edwin Aprihandono in 2011. She has a son named Muhammad Kale Mata Angin with her ex-husband.


Actress Rachel Maryam Sayidina born on 20 04 1980 in . Until now, Rachel Maryam Sayidina 's age is 38 year old and have Aries constellation. Count down 362 days will come next birthday of Rachel Maryam Sayidina !

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