Nikola Tesla - Bio, Family, Facts, Age: 86 | Hot Birthdays
BirthdayJuly 10, 1856
Birthplace New York,United States
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    Inventor, electrical engineer Nikola Tesla had many great contributions to our world, including the alternating-current electrical system that's widely used today, the eletrical motor, arc lighting and AC power. He sold several patent rights to George Westinghouse. In 1891, he invented the Tesla coil which is used for radio technology. He used to work for Thomas Edison

  3. Before fame

    At a young age, he took an interest in electrical invention.

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    Had a brother named Dane, and three sisters named Milka, Angelina and Marica.

    He has 4 siblings: Dane, Milka, Angelina, Marica. He never married. He was a good friend of Francis Marion Crawford, Robert Underwood Johnson, Stanford White, ...

  5. The meaning of the name Tesla: From Thessaly, A Region In Greece
Inventor Nikola Tesla born on 10 07 1856 in . Until now, Nikola Tesla's age is 86 year old and have Capricornus constellation. Count down 354 days will come next birthday of Nikola Tesla !