Nguyen Anh - Bio, Family, Facts, Age: 57 | Hot Birthdays
BirthdayFebruary 08, 1762
Birthplace Hue,Vietnam
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  1. About

    Nguyen Anh, Emperor Gia Long, was the first Emperor of the Nguyen Dynasty,  the last of the Vietnamese dynasties... After Tay Son revolt, Anh asked for help from French army to beat Tay Son and unified Southen and Northen of Vietnam in 1802, reached to the largest land of country. He also opened a relationship with French friends that led to their influence on society as well as released renovation policies.

  2. Before fame

    Nguyen Anh was the third son of Nguyen Phuc Loan. All of his family died because of Tay Son revolt in 1777. Anh was the only on survivied and escaped to the Southen. Here, under the guidence of a French, Anh collaborated with Siem and rose up in arms.

  3. Personal life

    Gia Long emperor had 15 princes and 18 princeses. His third prince, Nguyen Phuc Dam was chosen to succeed the throne.

Emperor Nguyen Anh born on 08 02 1762 in . Until now, Nguyen Anh's age is 57 year old and have Aquarius constellation. Count down 358 days will come next birthday of Nguyen Anh !