BirthdaySeptember 20, 1899
Birthplace Germany
  1. About

    German-born political philosopher and author whose works touch upon metaphysics, epistemology, and Greek philosophy. His most famous critical works include Persecution and the Art of Writing, Natural Right and History, and The City and Man.
    He received his U.S. citizenship in the mid-1940s and secured a political science professorship at the University of Chicago.
    Paul Wolfowitz, the U.S. Deputy Defense Secretary under George W. Bush, once studied with Strauss.

  2. Before fame

    He served in the German Army during World War I and subsequently earned his doctorate from the University of Hamburg. He left his native Germany in the early 1930s.

  3. Related to

    He was raised in an Orthodox Jewish family in Kirchhain, Germany. Later, after marrying Marie Bernsohn, he adopted both her child and his own sister's child.

Philosopher Leo Strauss born on 20 09 1899 in . Until now, Leo Strauss's age is 74 year old and have Virgo constellation. Count down 363 days will come next birthday of Leo Strauss !