BirthdayJuly 09, 1985
Birthplace Seoul,South Korea
Album1 Pictures
  1. About

    Lee Hee-ah is a Korean disabled, but talented pianist who is best known for playing the piano with only 2 fingers on each hand. Lee Hee-ah has surpassed many other excellent students to be recognized as one of the best students in Seoul. The talented Hee- ah also won several awards and titles, most noticeably, the First Prize at the South Korean National Student Music Contest (1992). Therefore, Hee-ah really has become the inspiration for many other disabled people in Korea to overcome their physical difficulties to pursue their dream. 

  2. Before fame

    Lee Hee-ah was born disabled with 4 fingers, no legs below the knee and mild brain damage, to an ordinary family in Seoul. Because of previous injury to his waist caused in war, her father took morphine for 10 years and her mother took carsickness pills regularly without knowing that she was pregnant. Lee Hee-ah soon made close friends with the piano at the age of 7 even when she could not hold a pencil at that time

  3. Personal life

    Little has been known about Lee Hee-ah’s personal life.

Pianist Lee Hee- ah born on 09 07 1985 in . Until now, Lee Hee- ah's age is 33 year old and have Cancer constellation. Count down 357 days will come next birthday of Lee Hee- ah !