BirthdayNovember 27, 1894
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    Konosuke Matsushita was a Japanese industrialist, better known as the founder of Panasonic, the largest Japanese consumer electronics company. He was called the god of management by many Japanese. Moreover, his life was written into a book named Matsushita Leadership by American business management specialist John Kotter in 1998.

  3. Before fame

    He worked for the Osaka Electric Light Company, an electrical utility company for several years. After introducing an invention of a new and improved light socket and receiving less enthusiasm from his boss, he left Osaka Electric Light Company to establish his own company in 1917. 

  4. Personal life

    In 1915, he got married to Mumeno Iue with one child named Sachiko Matsushita. 

Industrialist Konosuke Matsushita born on 27 11 1894 in . Until now, Konosuke Matsushita's age is 94 year old and have Taurus constellation. Count down 5 days will come next birthday of Konosuke Matsushita !