BirthdayDecember 17, 1866
Birthplace Lithuania
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  1. About

    Lithuanian politician who was the third President of Lithuania from June 1926 to December 1926.
    He was president for only six months before he was unseated in a coup led by Antanas Smetona.
    He and Valdas Adamkus both served as President of Lithuania.

  2. Before fame

    He studied medicine at the University of Moscow and then became a physician.

  3. Related to

    He married Joana Pavalkytė in 1896, and they had one son and one daughter.

Politician Kazys Grinius born on 17 12 1866 in . Until now, Kazys Grinius's age is 83 year old and have Sagittarius constellation. Count down 360 days will come next birthday of Kazys Grinius !