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BirthdayJune 11, 1899
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  1. About

    Being a Japanese writer featured by his melancholic lyricism echoing an ancient Japanese literary tradition in the modern idiom, Kawabata Yasunari became the first author to win the Nobel Prize for Literature (1968). With Japanese haiku poem-influenced writing style, brief and sparse, but lyrical and filled with nuances, his works like Yukiguni (1948; Snow Country), Sembazuru (Thousand Cranes) and Yama no oto (1954; The Sound of the Mountain) has widely appealed a number of booklovers in the world.

  2. Before fame

    As a child, he suffered from war along with the death of all his family, therefore, the war was greatly influenced on his works later. After graduating from the Tokyo Imperial University in 1924, his submissions to Kikuchi's literary magazine, the Bungei Shunju was paid attention by Kikuchi Kan and other noted writers and editors. 

  3. Personal life

    In 1926, he got married to Hideko Keizo with three children. 

Novelist Kawabata Yasunari born on 11 06 1899 in . Until now, Kawabata Yasunari's age is 72 year old and have Aries constellation. Count down 360 days will come next birthday of Kawabata Yasunari !

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