BirthdayAugust 27, 1933
Birthplace Bangkok,Thailand
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  1. About

    As a Thai retired air force officer, Air Chief Marshal Kaset Rojananil is well known for his famous note "we have received a lot of complaints that our air hostesses are not pretty enough - too old and unsmiling. And we must improve on that". He also held Thailand's most senior military post, the Supreme Commander of the Royal Thai Armed Forces from April to July 1992.

  2. Before fame

    Kaset Rojananil was born on 27 August 1933 in Thailand. He once became an alumnus of the 5th Class of the Chulachomklao Royal Military Academy, at the same time being one of the leaders of the National Peace Keeping Council's 1991 coup fighting against the government of Chatichai Choonhavan and turned into head of Thai Airways International.

  3. Personal life

    Kaset Rojananil is currently retired and lives with his family.

Air Chief Marshal Kaset Rojananin born on 27 08 1933 in . Until now, Kaset Rojananin's age is 84 year old and have Virgo constellation. Count down 11 days will come next birthday of Kaset Rojananin !