Karun Hosakul - Bio, Family, Facts, Age: 51 | Hot Birthdays
BirthdayFebruary 04, 1967
Birthplace Bangkok,Thailand
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  1. About

    Karun Hosakul was a prominent politician and previously served as Member of Parliament for the Bangkok 12th district. His controversial political life is notorious due to many events before, during and after his serving time.

  2. Before fame

    Karun Hosakul was born in a family that both parents and siblings were employed or involved in political field. Before enlisting to be a Member of Parliament, he was the previous Councilor of the city.

  3. Personal life

    Karun was married to Phimchana Hosakul and had 2 children: Phumiphat Hosakul and Phanitha Hosakul.

Politician Karun Hosakul born on 04 02 1967 in . Until now, Karun Hosakul's age is 51 year old and have Aquarius constellation. Count down 354 days will come next birthday of Karun Hosakul !