BirthdayMarch 06, 2015
Album1 Pictures
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  2. About

    Jacob Bertrand is an American child actor and voice actor. Bertrand played the main character in a Disney series “Kirbu Buckets”.

  3. Before fame

    Before working for Disney,Bertrand is known for several roles in Nickelodeon productions such as a regular sitcom Marvin Marvin - Henry Forman, the main character in season 3 of the animated series Bubble Guppies - Gil, a minor character on the teen sitcom iCarly - Chip Chambers and a character in the fantasy-comedy film Jinxed - Charlie Murphy in 2013.

  4. Related to

    He has a older sister, Makenna Bertrand and a younger brother, Blake Bertrand – another American child actor and voice who played The Mommy Kid on “Gravity Falls” and his most famous roles in “Mr Peabody & Sherman” and “Don’t Mess With the Zohan”.

TV Actor Jacob Bertrand born on 06 03 2015 in . Until now, Jacob Bertrand's age is 3 year old and have Pisces constellation. Count down 350 days will come next birthday of Jacob Bertrand !