Ian Fleming - Bio, Family, Facts, Age: 56 | Hot Birthdays
BirthdayMay 28, 1908
Birthplace England
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  1. About

    British author who created the famous James Bond spy novels. He sold over 30 million books during his lifetime, and his James Bond series inspired a popular film franchise.
    The film adaptations of his James Bond novels starred such actors as Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan, Daniel Craig, and Roger Moore.
    Daniel Craig took on the role of Bond in the 2006 film, Casino Royale.

  2. Before fame

    He attended Eton College, where he edited the school newspaper and was active in athletics. During World War II, he found employment in England's Naval Intelligence Division and was involved in several high-profile espionage programs.

  3. Related to

    He was the son of Evelyn St Croix Rose and Parliament member Valentine Fleming. He married Ann Geraldine Charteris in 1952, and the couple became parents to a son named Caspar.

  4. The meaning of the name Fleming: From Flanders
Novelist Ian Fleming born on 28 05 1908 in . Until now, Ian Fleming's age is 56 year old and have Gemini constellation. Count down 8 days will come next birthday of Ian Fleming !