BirthdayAugust 23, 2002
Album2 Pictures
  1. About

    Kidz Bop kid who was featured on the 25th edition of the album. He is a singer and dancer who taught himself to play the piano.
    He became the first Kidz Bop kid from Texas.
    He covered Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" for Kidz Bop.

  2. Before fame

    He became a member of the Kidz Bop family at the beginning of 2014. When he was 7, he started dancing.

  3. Related to

    His father Sean plays guitar while his brother Hunter Knoche of Fly Away Hero plays drums.

Pop Singer Grant Knoche born on 23 08 2002 in . Until now, Grant Knoche's age is 15 year old and have Leo constellation. Count down 365 days will come next birthday of Grant Knoche !