BirthdayJanuary 21, 1738
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  1. About

    Land speculator, philosopher, writer, American Revolutionary War patriot, and politician who was known as one of the founders of the U.S. state of Vermont.
    He was captured and imprisoned by the Royal Navy after a failed military mission.
    He and Benjamin Franklin were both influential figures during the American Revolution.

  2. Before fame

    He had many Bible passages memorized at a young age and began studying with a minister in hopes of attending Yale.

  3. Related to

    His brothers Ira and Heber also became important public figures in Vermont.

  4. The meaning of the name Allen: Little Rock
Philosopher Ethan Allen born on 21 01 1738 in . Until now, Ethan Allen's age is 51 year old and have Capricornus constellation. Count down 364 days will come next birthday of Ethan Allen !