Elly Tran - Bio, Family, Facts, Age: 31 | Hot Birthdays
BirthdayAugust 06, 1987
Birthplace Ho Chi Minh,Vietnam
Album1 Pictures
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  2. Overview

    Nguyen Kim Hong, better known for her stage name Elly Tran, is a Vietnamese photo model and actress. With a beautiful face, big natural breasts and a sexy body, she is now regarded as the most attractive single mother in V-biz. Recently, she has participated in some big film project like Bong Ma Hoc Duong (2011), Tieu Thu Vao Bep (2012), etc.  

  3. First steps

    Elly Tran was born and grew up in Ho Chi Minh city. As a child, she cherished the dream to become an actress but no one in her family agreed with her. As a result, she had to study Tourism major at the university as her father’s wish.

  4. Personal life

    Elly Tran became a single mother in 2014. Her cute daughter Cadie Moc Tra made her image more beautiful and friendly in the eyes of audiences. 

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Photo Model Elly Tran born on 06 08 1987 in . Until now, Elly Tran's age is 31 year old and have Leo constellation. Count down 350 days will come next birthday of Elly Tran !