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BirthdayAugust 04, 1900
Birthplace England
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  1. About

    Wife of King George VI and the mother of Queen Elizabeth II who was the queen consort of the United Kingdom from 1936 to 1952. She provided moral support to the British public during World War II and is portrayed by Helena Bonham Carter in the Academy Award Winning 2010 film The King's Speech.
    She married Prince Albert in 1923 and she became Queen Consort when he unexpectedly became king when his brother, Edward VIII, abdicated in order to marry the American divorcée.
    Eleanor Roosevelt praised her as queen.

  2. Before fame

    As a child, she enjoyed dogs and ponies and she received private education under a German Jewish governess, Käthe Kübler.

  3. Related to

    Her daughter is Queen Elizabeth II and she took the title Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother to avoid confusion with her.

Royalty Elizabeth The Queen Mother born on 04 08 1900 in . Until now, Elizabeth The Queen Mother's age is 101 year old and have Leo constellation. Count down 349 days will come next birthday of Elizabeth The Queen Mother !

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