BirthdayNovember 27, 2001
Album1 Pictures
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  2. About

    Chloe is a one of the youngest America's pop singer. On season 8 of America's Got Talent in 2013, she competed and was selected to be in Kenny Rogers production of Toy Shoppe. In the same year, she starting alongside Billy Dean. 

  3. Before fame

    When she was 7, she had her 1st perform at The Family Opry, Florida. Which developed in her a love for classic music country.

  4. Related to

    In January 2014, her dream became true, she had a performance with Billy Dean at the Grand Ole Opry. And 4 months later, Billy singed her to his management group.

  5. Horoscope


Pop Singer Chloe Channell born on 27 11 2001 in . Until now, Chloe Channell's age is 16 year old and have Sagittarius constellation. Count down 9 days will come next birthday of Chloe Channell !