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BirthdayNovember 30, 1976
Birthplace Hue,Vietnam
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  2. About

    Cat Tuong is a Vietnamese talented actress who is best known for her unforgettable roles in many popular films such as Dong Tien Xuong Mau (Blood Money), Co Gai Xau Xi (Ugly Girl) and comedy Kinh Thua Osin (Dear Osin). Her debut character in Gio Qua Mien Sang Toi in 1998 was a villain and since then, villainous character has been attached to her throughout her career 

  3. Before fame

    Cat Tuong was born into a poor family in Hue and her family went to Vinh Long to earn a living. From a very early age, she showed an interest in singing and dancing. She entered and won first prize in many music competitions such as Tieng Hat Su Pham Contest and Tieng Hat Tinh Vinh Long Contest. After graduating from high school, she intended to attend an art college, but she was not qualified enough. Therefore, she decided to attend a college of Theatre and Cinema in Ho Chi Minh. 

  4. Personal life

    Despite being a successful and admirable actress, Cat Tuong suffered from a tearful marriage. After giving birth to a daughter for almost a month, her husband left her. Her first marriage left such a painful scar that she is still obsessed and does not want to marry once more time. 

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Actress Cat Tuong born on 30 11 1976 in . Until now, Cat Tuong's age is 41 year old and have Sagittarius constellation. Count down 10 days will come next birthday of Cat Tuong !