BirthdaySeptember 13, 1884
Birthplace Bangkok,Thailand
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  1. About

    Benbadhanabongse was a Prince of Siam, a member of the Siamese Royal Family (Thailand) who originated the House of Benbadhana. He was given the royal title from his father as Kromma Muen Phichai Mahintharodom (Prince of Phichai) on 2 October 1904. The prince was given the rank of Kromma Meun, the fifth level of the Krom ranks.

  2. Before fame

    Prince Benbadhanabongse was a son of King Chulalongkorn and the Chao Chom Manda (The Noble Consort) Morakot Phenkul. He had an elder sister, Princess Chudharatana Rajakumari. The prince graduated from the agricultural studies from United Kingdom in 1903, while he was only 19 years old. After graduating, he began working as the secretary officer, Ministry of Education.  

  3. Personal life

    Prince Benbadhanabongse married Princess Vanna Vilaya Kritakara on 30 June 1903. The couple had 2 children namely Princess Banna Benkae Kritakara and Prince Baobenbadhana Benbadhana. 

Prince Benbadhanabongse born on 13 09 1884 in . Until now, Benbadhanabongse's age is 25 year old and have Scorpio constellation. Count down 353 days will come next birthday of Benbadhanabongse !

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