Abraham Lincoln - Bio, Family, Facts, Age: 56 | Hot Birthdays
  1. About

    Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the United States, serving from March 1861 until his assassination in April 1865. He led the country through the horrific American Civil War and abolished slavery with the 13th amendment.


  2. Before fame

    He was one of 3 children born to Thomas Lincoln and Nancy Hanks. In 1832, at age 23, Lincoln ran a small general store with his partner but they struggled to make it a success and Lincoln soon sold off his share. That March he began his political career with his first campaign for the Illinois General Assembly but lost because of lacking an education, powerful friends, and money.


  3. Personal life

    He married Mary Todd in November 1842 after having previously called off the engagement. The couple had 4 sons but the eldest one, Robert Lincoln, was the only to live to adulthood and have children. His last descendant was grandson Robert Todd Lincoln Beckwith, who died in 1985.


US President Abraham Lincoln born on 12 02 1809 in . Until now, Abraham Lincoln's age is 56 year old and have Aries constellation. Count down 356 days will come next birthday of Abraham Lincoln !